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Press Release for Summit MEA Winners
October 12, 2016


Vicom Design Inc. Takes Top International Marketing Effectiveness Award - 2016 Summit MEA

October 12, 2016, Grand Forks BC, Vicom Design Inc. is a Silver winner in the 2016 Summit Marketing Effectiveness Award competition for their work with The Kettle Valley Express.

There is no higher honor that I know of for my marketing and publishing company Vicom Design Inc., than to receive recognition for a publishing and marketing effort in such high a caliber competition against companies with budgets in the millions of dollars.
The Kettle Valley Express Adventure Travel Guide for South Central BC Rail Trails and other trails has been recognized for its effectiveness in bringing trail and tourism stakeholders together under one roof, to help make South Central BC and its Rail Trails a vacation destination.
The Summit Marketing Effectiveness Award (Summit MEA) responds to a common need in the marketing and advertising sector: to acknowledge the contribution of results and messaging, and the achievement of the marketer’s business goals. The Summit MEA is unique to other award programs because it reinforces that the goal of marketing communications is to change, influence or reinforce a audience's knowledge, attitudes, or beliefs. Using this premise as a basis for its judging criteria, the competition is becoming a true arbiter of marketing communication effectiveness. During the 2016 event, judges analyzed submissions and selected only 6% to receive the top spots. A truly international competition, the Summit MEA received submissions from the following twelve countries: Australia, Canada, England, Hungary, India, Nigeria, Philippines, Singapore, Republic of Korea, South Africa, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United States and Wales.

“Distinguishing between creativity and effectiveness is a difficult task so winning a Summit MEA is a significant achievement.” Said Jocelyn Luciano, Executive Director for the Summit International Awards. “The combination of experienced judges and our tough criteria ensures that only deserving submissions receive Summit MEA recognition.”
The Summit International Awards (SIA) organization is dedicated to furthering excellence in the communications industry. It administers three distinguished award competitions throughout the year with the goal of raising the awareness of companies and individuals who have the creative and marketing talent to go beyond the ordinary.

Throughout its 22-year history, the organization has established itself as one of the premier arbiters of communication excellence. Using stringent evaluation criteria and blind judging processes, its competitions reward only those firms whose work exemplifies the best in its class. Companies from all over the world invest their promotional dollars for the opportunity to be recognized as a Summit International Award winner. The organization conducts three awards each year: Summit Creative Award, Summit Emerging Media Award and Summit Marketing Effectiveness Award. Additional information about the Summit International Awards and its programs is available at

summit international awards logo
The 10 Annual Summit Creative Awards, ( created to recognize work done by marketing creative firms and other creative groups with annual billings under $15 million or less.

summit international awards

Beyond Graphix is proud to anounce receiving a Siver Award from the Summit Creative Awards for the design of Cannabis Health Journal Anniversary Issue #7

Cannabis Health Volume 2 Issue 1

Good to be back with Cannabis Health
At the end of November, 2004, 2 weeks before Vol 3#2 was to go to press, Barb St. Jean, also a Founding Director and current Editor for Cannabis Health, asked me to come back to help get this issue out, and to come back to active duty as Production Manager again. I accepted
brian's signature


Beyond Graphix Takes Top International Creative Award - The 2004 Summit Creative Awards

May 4, 2004
Brian McAndrew
Beyond Graphix
Jocelyn Luciano - Executive Director
Summit Creative Awards
(503) 297-9979

Beyond Graphix is a silver winner in the 2004 Summit Creative Awards® competition for its outstanding creative work for Cannabis Health.

As a one man design company (bio) in a small rural BC Canadian town, to get the recognition of my talents on such a scale, I can think of no higher honour. This particular issue, as the others, is also a great credit to the editor for collecting the ground breaking exclusive interviews that was the basis for the design itself.

The Summit Creative Awards, celebrating its tenth year, was created to recognize exceptional work by marketing creative firms including advertising agencies, video production companies, multimedia firms and other creative groups with annual billings of $15 million or less. It is the only opportunity such firms have to compete internationally.

This year's panel of judges included:
· Murray Berghan , Managing Director & Joint Creative Director A|D – Australia
· Kevin Hersh, Director of New Media, Mfx, Inc. – United States
· Max Semyak, Interactive Media, DDM Interactive – Ukraine
· Dean Kulbida, Senior Art Director, The Phoenix Group – Canada
· Tom Roy, Executive Director , Promoseven McCann Relationship Marketing – Dubai
· Austin Howe, Creative Director , Radioland – United States
· Henry Rassmusen, Creative Director , Scanad – Denmark
· Michael Mesic, Principle and Strategic Planner, Strategy and Beyond - United States
· Susana Tsui, Director, XM – Hong Kong.

Entries in 17 creative categories are judged against a stringent set of standards. Judges looked for innovative and creative concepts, strong executions and the ability to communicate and persuade. This year's competition received approximately 3,000 entries from 20 countries including Australia, Austria, Canada, Denmark, England, India, Italy, Kuwait, Mexico, Nepal, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, The Netherlands, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States, and West Indies.

Winners were selected in categories that include print, broadcast, online advertising, multimedia, printed material, direct mail, sales promotion, political, corporate video, public service, best idea never produced and self-promotion.

Additional information about the Summit Creative Awards and a list of other winning firms can be found on the Summit Awards web site at

When I was deciding to move to Grand Forks BC in 1996, I had the choice of getting graphic work in Vancouver, but moved to the small town because it was better for raising our children. The move provided a unique challenge of providing high quality design for small start up companies. When I moved here, I met with Brian Taylor who was heading up the Hemp movement because I felt that it need a new image. After 6 years the possiblility came about to produce Cannabis Health Journal. Brian took the position of Editor, I took the position of Production and with a skeleton crew and on a wing and a prayer we published the first issue of Cannabis Health Journal November/December 2002. On our winning Anniversary issue major design changes were implimented with the major change being the logo and cover layout.

As a one man production department it has given me the opportunity to expose myself to the world market. I would get stories in text format and some advertisments would come in camera ready, then I would put together the rest, including cover, journal layout advertising design and making sure it would be ready for the printer.

Of course production/design is only one part of it and it was the rest of the team that made everything work the way it did.

Cannabis Health Journal is one thing I am working on. At the same time I have several other commercial customers and volunteer work that I do as well.

brians signature

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